Hume Castle Preservation Trust Secures funding for archaeological excavations at Hume Castle

The Fallago Trust has just announced that it is making a major financial grant to the Hume Castle Preservation Trust  for it to undertake the first archaeological excavations ever carried out at Hume Castle.

Furthermore, we are also awaiting news in a few weeks of what we hope will be a further major grant which will make a three-year programme of discovery possible for the first time ever.

Hume Castle and its surrounding land has recently been given “scheduled” status by Historic Environment Scotland.

The current planning is for this archaeological programme to start around the timing of the  2018 Clan Home Gathering in the area, so that those who have supported the Trust over the Years can get a first hand understanding of what is to be carried out and the expected findings that they hope to uncover based on the Survey flown over and around the castle.